“When I first filed for divorce, I received lots of advice from caring friends, the most important of which I took to heart. I also took action. My friend had said, ” You must take exquisite care of yourself.” I knew instantly what that meant to me. I had had sporadic body work with Nolita over the years, and knew it’s benefits were far-reaching. I decided right then to schedule a weekly massage to help me weather the malicious actions of an unstable ex. Every week, Nolita’s firm, healing touch would gently wring out the stress and trauma I had carried for six days. If I missed a session with Nolita, I would inevitably feel shaky physically and insecure emotionally. My shoulders would ache. As long as I kept my weekly appointment, I was able to hold up under great pressure. I chose to have massage therapy with Nolita instead of talk therapy in a conventional setting, because soon I realized that Nolita was a great listener. She expressed that we had a confidential tharapist/client relationship. I felt free to tell her how I was feeling and what I was going through. I unloaded the stress in words. I also felt comfortable in silence. She has a gentle, soothing voice and also seems to know whether one needs silence, listening, or laughing. I highly recommend Nolita’s therapeutic bodywork and the bonus of her understanding heart.” ~  M. Foreman

“Nolita is an extraordinary healer who has been a gift for me to receive. She is able to be very present during moments of catharsis and energy movement while maintaining balance and perspective, a rare talent. She is compassionate and generous during healing work without losing clarity and as a result I was able to release deep blockages. I would recommend her to anyone.”
~Jesse Lewis, Concord CA

“Nolita’s very presence has a calming effect on the spirit. Her massages are deeply relaxing and therapeutic, demonstrating great expertise and knowledge of her craft and the human body. Her MFR work is mind altering, showing her deep understanding of the human soul. She is a born healer.”
~Justin Rush, Riverside, CA

“Myofascial Release helped relieve not only a headache, but also released a large amount of stress I had been holding in my body. Since MFR, I have experienced a greater sense of calm, not only physically, but also emotionally. In addition to receiving MFR, I was also educated by Nolita on how to release the stress through deep breathing & visualization. I highly recommend MFR by Nolita!”
~Cassandra Culps, Eureka, CA

“For over two years I suffered from daily chronic headache syndrome, as the result of a rear-end collision whiplash injury. I tried many different healing modalities, but did not find relief from the continuous headaches. I had resorted to two different prescription medications to help me sleep and function through the day. With my first session with Nolita I began experiencing relief and within four sessions my headaches finally stopped and I was able to stop taking the prescriptions. YAY!”
~ C.P., Nevada City, CA

“Nolita’s little hands are full of magic healing juice. If you were a character in a video game, every time you met with her in the game, your health level would increase to full.  The same will happen with your human body out here on Earth.  Meet with her often and you’ll find yourself in a fantastic new level of experience.”
~Adriene Coen, San Francisco, CA

“When I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, I was barely walking.  The nurse practitioner told me I’d never walk barefoot again, not even across a room.  I went to see Nolita Matuschka for myofascial release.  After one treatment, the pain was gone and a year later it has not returned.  And I routinely scamper around barefoot!”
~Carolyn Crane, Nevada City, CA

“I have been a bodyworker for 10 years and trust my care to Nolita.  She not only has an extensive somatic education but trusts her intuition at all times.  That combination brings her an awareness of human structure that would be difficult to duplicate.”
~Thane Keith, Grass Valley, CA

” I’ve been getting bodywork for over 13 years from Nolita. She is amazing. I always feel transformed afterwards. It is a release and relaxation, spiritual and calming. It allows me to tune into a part of me that gets lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I can’t get enough. Go see her!”
~Mark Stevens, San Francisco CA

” Nolita’s massage technique is by far the best I have ever experienced.  She has done wonders in eliminating discomfort in my body and stress in my life.  Additionally, her myofascial release was amazingly helpful in reducing the pain of tendonitis in my elbow.”
~Mike Green, Head Golf Professional
Del Paso Country Club, Sacramento, CA

“My tissues have held a very deep-seated emotional and mental block from sexual abuse that happened to me when I was a child. I have experienced many forms of counseling and other forms of body work in the attempt at coming to a place of acceptance and forgiveness. Nolita Matuschka gave me the space to process the healing of this wounding in a very powerful way. I am grateful that God has created her to be such a wonderful healer and teacher.
~ C.S., Auburn, CA

” When I first came to Nolita, I was so tired.  I was in constant knee, lower back and right wrist pain.  Even after just the first treatment, my energy increased while my aches and pains decreased.  After several treatments, I felt so good, I resumed my daily walks.  I’m very grateful to Nolita and her wonderful skills.”
~ J. Cooper,Cedar Ridge, CA

“I came to see you before my 12 k run.  The massage helped me to relax both mentally and physically.  Because of your work, I was well prepared and able to perform to the best of my abilities.  This was my first time as a client of yours, and I will definitely be using you as my regular massage therapist in the future.”
~Travis Thornsberry, Nevada City, CA

“Using MFR techniques, Nolita greatly eased my jaw pain from TMJ.  She has a gentle, caring, quality and is truly committed to the healing aspects of her work, which makes even a 10-minute chair massage that much more effective.”
~ Anne Cramer, San Francisco, CA

“The combination of Nolita’s calm, soothing, demeanor and her skilled knowledge of the mechanics of the body and healing really helped me relax and appreciate her touch from a safe space of peace and sensuality. I felt incredibly warm and soothed from the inside out.  Absolutely worth every penny!”
~Casi Sims,  Austin, TX

“Nolita, I feel in your touch the skill of experience and the sensitivity of intuition. I appreciated in our work both the manipulation of solids and your holding space for breath and change. Suspended there, my body finds the way to let go and heal itself.”
~Denzil Meyers, San Francisco, CA

“Nolita gifted me a wonderfully nurturing massage when I was pregnant. She was gentle, present and focused. I felt a letting go of stress and a slow unwinding of different holding patterns in my body. Nolita guided my body into deep relaxation through stretches and smooth flowing strokes. As the session came to a close, I noticed a healthy flow of energy and circulation in my body which continued throughout the rest of my day. I felt very pampered and acknowledged. I really appreciate the session; it gave me time to reflect as well as some much needed bodywork for my changing body and the tension I was feeling. I am very thankful for this beautiful gift!”
~ Maria Sol Diaz, Nevada City, CA

“Nolita’s work gave me physical relief from pain, as well as a relaxed confidence in my body again. Her style is integrative, so that I was able to experience myofascial release, rolfing and energy work blended into what felt like a perfect healing experience.”
~ Susan Schreiber, Nevada City

“I went in to see Nolita after I woke up one morning in a lot of pain. After the session I was sore, but feeling better. The next day the pain was gone.”
~Amber Farman, Loomis CA

Email received:
Hi Nolita, I received your email from a friend of yours who was once my patient. I unfortunately have forgotten her name. I am a physical therapist and work in SF. You had been in SF and given her treatment  to her hip/low back/gluteal area. She came into therapy the next day and was “cured”. I therefore took your contact info from her.

My husband is heading to the Tahoe area today and will be there until tomorrow. He was been complaining of left hip pain for awhile and I just thought of you as I was working on his hip this morning. I know this is late notice, but let me know if you have any availability later today or tomorrow.

Thank you!
Kristin Henry